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Lords Group Foundation

Lords Group Trading established The Lords Group Foundation in 2021. The Group has committed to donating £200,000 per annum to the Foundation.

When the foundation was made I was tasked with the creation of its logo and branding. The brief was to create a brand that would sit within the Lords Group Trading brands, but be different enough that it stands out as a separate entity with focus on helping people. Because of this the decision to move away from the hexagon was made, and the inclusion of hands/joining together graphics was sought after.

Once the logo and brand had been developed I also created designs for events, newsletters and internal and external marketing material.

Poster for in branch to share what the foundation does
In branch poster to promote the sale of donuts to raise money
Pull-up banner - to be used at various events where the foundation is represented
Invite to Launch Event
Colleague Poster
Pull-up banner at the Launch Event
Newsletter for the foundation
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